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What are Battlegrounds in the Elder Scrolls Online?
Battlegrounds are small group PVP matches with various game modes. Three teams with the size of four players each will battle against each other. The Battlegrounds matches are fast paced and last around 15 minutes.
How can I start a Battlegrounds match?
To join a Battlegrounds match you have to open your Group & Activity Finder, go to Battlegrounds and then choose from the Dropwdown menu for which gamemode you want to queue. Note: You have to be Level 10 or higher to join a Battleground match.
Are Battlegrounds part of the ESO Base Game?
Battlegrounds got launchend 2017 with Morrowind and was for a while only available for players who owned that chapter. Now Battlegrounds are part of the base game and are available for all players of the Elder Scrolls Online.
Which Battleground game modes are available?
There are five game modes available:
  • Deathmatch: To earn points for your team you have to kill enemy players. The Team which first got 500 points will win.
  • Crazy King: In this game mode you have to find, capture and then hold the moving flags on the map.
  • Domination: Find and capture up to 4 Flags and protect them against the other teams.
  • Capture the Relic: Steal the relics from the other teams and return them to your base. Of course you also have to protect your relic against the enemy teams.
  • Chaosball: Collect the Chaosball and hold it as long as possible to earn points, but be aware the ball will give you lots of damage over time.
Can I earn special Battleground rewards?
You will earn Alliance Points, Experience, some Gold, random Battleground Gear and have a chance to find unique Battleground Outfit Styles.
Are there Battleground Daily Repeatable Quests available?
Yes you can complete also Dailies for Battlgrounds. Please take a look at my Battleground Dailies Guide
What Styles can i earn from Battlegrounds?

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