Battleground Dailies

How can I start the Daily repeatable Battleground Quests?
Speak with Battlemaster Rivyn at any Gladiator's Quarters . When you talk to him the first time he will offer you the Battleground Introduction Quest: For Glory. Complete your first Battlegrounds Match and speak to Battlemaster Rivyn again to complete the quest. Now Battlemaster Rivyn will offer you Daily repeatable Battleground Quests.
Which Daily repeatable Battleground Quests can I get?
  • To the Victor - Win 3 Battleground Matches
  • Let the Games begin - Participate in 5 Battleground matches. It does not matter if you win or lose
  • Test of Mettle - Earn at least 1000 medals points in Battleground matches
How can I start a Battlegrounds Match?
Please take a look at my Battlegrounds Guide
What Outfit Styles can I obtain from Battleground Matches?

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