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What is the Outfit System in the Elder Scrolls Online?
The Outfit System was added to the Elder Scrolls Online 2018 and is part of the base game, which means it is available for everyone. With the Outfit System you can create your own outfits with the styles and outfit styles you have learned. Like that you can change and customize the appearance of your equipped armor and weapons.
Where can I customize my Outfit?
To customize your Outfits you have visit any Outfit Station or Dye Stations of your choice. Outfit Stations are found in almost all major cities in the Elder Scrolls Online. Usually they are found close to other crafting stations.
Dye Stations have the same functionality as Outfit Stations
Is it possible to place Outfit Stations in player houses?
Yes, you can have your own Outfit Stations in your House. You can either buy a Dye Stations for 35 Writ Vouchers from Rolis Hlaalu or you can purchase an Outfit Station for 500 Writ Vouchers from Faustina Curio
You can also buy Oufit Stations/Dye stations in the Housing Crown Store.
You can also check the Guild Traders and purchase Outfit Stations or Dye Stations with Gold.
What do I need to create an Outfit?
To be able to create an Outfit you need to learn Style and Outfit Styles. Additionally you need to own some gold to pay the Application Fee.
How does that work with Styles and Outfit Styles?
To be able to create your own Outfit you need to learn Crafting Styles or Outfit Styles. Crafting Styles can be used to either craft gear or can be used via the Outfit System. And Outfit Styles are only usable via the Outfit System. If you learn any Style it will be added to your Collection and is account wide accessable inside the Outfit System. You can see what Styles you have unlocked when you go to your collections, and then click on Outfit Styles. You can also preview items which you don't have yet, and the tooltips give you hints where you can acquire that Style.
If you want to craft Gear you only use the Styles which your Character learned.
Do you have an Style overview?
ESO added over the years hundreds of Styles and Outfit Styles. I created many Showcase Videos and Guides how you can obtain them. Here you can find more information:
How can I create my Outfit?
After you used any Outfit Station of your choice, click on the top left side on Select Outfit and choose Outfit slot you want to customize.
Now you can decide which Styles you want to use for your armor and weapons. And you can also choose do colorize your gear. As an example: to change the look of your Head Armor, click on Armor Styles Head pick a style click E or double click to equip the Style Save changes via the Apply Changes Button. You can change the look of your equipped Weapons in the same way. Click on Weapon Styles for example: Bow choose a Style click E or double click to equip the Style Save changes via the Apply Changes Button
When you have a Costume equipped it will hide your Outfit.
Where can I find Outfit Stations?
Can I dye my Outfit?
Yes, you can also dye your armor and weapon. Some Styles have limited dye slots. Also some special Styles, like the Opal Monster Styles can't be dyed at all. To dye your gear you click on Dyes pick a color of your choice click on the dye slots on the left hand to assign the color Save changes via the Apply Changes Button
You can unlock dyes by completing various in-game achievements. Each dye tooltip displays which achievement you have to earn to unlock that color.
Can I change the name of my Oufits?
Yes, you can. To change your Outfit name you have to visit again any Outfit Station. Choose from the drop down menu at the top left the outfit you want to rename. At the bottom left of your screen you can now click on rename outfit or press the T key. Rename now the Outfit and save your name changes.
How much does it cost to customize my Outfit?
Any changes on your armor, weapons or dyes for Outfit cost Gold. The Gold cost can be just 100 Gold, but can be go up to several thousands of Gold. Each different Style displays the Application Cost on the item tooltip. Additionally you can see the total Application Cost on the left side. When you apply the changes you can see again the total cost and decide if you want to pay with gold or use an Outfit Change Token.
Can I hide my Helm?
Yes, if you want you can hide the helm. At the Outfit Station go to Armor Styles Head Hide Helmet
What are Outfit Change Tokens?
Outfit Change Tokens can be purchased for 400 Crowns in the Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store. You can use an Outfit Change Token to instead of Gold to customize one time an Outfit.
What are Outfit Slots?
Each Outfit Slot allows you to create your own unique look. If you have serveral Outfit Slots you can switch really fast between your created Outfits. By default you have one Outfit Slot per Character available. But you can purchase from the Crown Store for 1500 Crowns a extra Outfit Slot. You can have a maximum of 10 Outfit Slots per Character.
If you purchase a Outfit Slot it is only unlocked for the logged in Character.
How can I switch and/or turn off Outfits?
  • If you are at the Outfit Station, click on the top left side on Select Outfit and pick Outfit slot you want to customize & set active.
  • Or you can open your Character overview Outfit activate the Outfit of your choice.
  • Another way to switch your Outfit Slots is by opening your collections, and then click on Outfit Styles. On the left side you can select your outfit.
At the Outfit Station or Character overview you can also set No Outfit if you want to disable the Outfits.
Do you have a video which covers this topic?
Yes! I have created a youtube video which covers the Outfit System Guide:

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