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What is the Armory?
The Armory will allow you to save and switch quickly between character builds for free. That means you can in the future prepare and save builds for specific content. For example you can switch on the fly from a PVE to a PVP build. Or you change super quick your healer to a Damage Dealer. Or whatever ideas you have and what you need.
When will the Armory be available?
The Armory System will be added to the Elder Scrolls Online with the Update 32 in November 2021.
How can I access the Armory?
You can use the Armory via the Armory Station or the Armory Assistant.
How can I unlock the Armory Station?
You can collect the Armory Station for free via the Crown Store.
How can I use the Armory Station?
To use the Armory, you have to place the Armory Station in any house or apartment of your choice. That will allow you and your guests to interact with the Station and save and equip Armory builds.
In case you don't have a home yet, don't forget that you can unlock in ESO some small apartments for free.
What is the Armory Assistant?
The Armory Assistant is another way to access the Armory Interface. The first Armory Assistant which is released in the Crown Store is called Ghrasharog. If you summon the Armory Assistant you and your Groupmembers are able to use his services. You can call and use the Armory Assistant everywhere except in Arenas, Trials and Pvp areas. That may or may not change in the future.
How can I obtain the Armory Assistant Ghrasharog?
You can purchase the Armory Assianstant Ghrasharog via the Crown Store.
What Character Information can I save via the Armory?
You can save in an Armory build slot:
  • Attribute points
  • Active & passive skills
  • Gear (armor, weapons, jewelry)
  • Slotted & passive champion points, slotted champion points
  • Vampire or Werewolf Curse
  • Outfit
Shortly, at the moment, everything can be saved in a build except your Mundus Stones.
How many Armory Build slots are available?
By default each of your characters has 2 Armory Slots unlocked. If you need more Armory Slots you can unlock up to 8 extra slots via the Crown Store. That means you can have up to 10 Armory Slots per Character.
How much Crowns does an Armory Slot cost?
Not known yet.
How can I save or equip an Armory Build?
  • To save your Armory Build you have to click on the Save Build button.
  • To equip an Armory Build you have to click on the Equip Build button.

Can you rename an Armory Build?
Yes, that is possible. Click the Build you want to customize. Then click on Build Settings. That will open a small window. Here you can pick an icon of your liking and also change the name of the armory build.
Can you explain the complete Armory process?
Access the Armory Station or Armory Assistant Save your current build exit the Armory make any changes you want to do to your Character access the Armory Station again pick another Armory Slot save your new build
Does the used gear have to be in my Inventory?
Yes, if you want to use specific equipment in your builds they have to be in your inventory when you switch them. Any equipment which is used in an Armory build gets an icon displayed in the inventory overview. Additionaly ESO displays on the item tooltip an information in which builds the item is part of.
Do I need a chapter or DLC to access the Armory?
No, the Armor is part of the base game and everyone can obtain and use the Armory System.
Do you have a video for this topic?
Yes, I have created a youtube video for this topic:

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