I'm Tianlein - gamer, streamer, youtuber and content creator from Germany.

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ESO Black-Fin Legion Style
ESO Old Orsinium Weapon Style - Year One Celebration Event
Blackwood Dailies
Orsinium DLC Dailies
Craglorn Repeatable Quests
Markath DLC Dailies
Greymoor DLC Dailies
ESO Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event
Imperial City Daily Repeatable Quests
Northern Elsweyr DLC Daily Repeatable Quests
Dragonhold DLC Daily Repeatable Quests
ESO Ja`zennji Siir Style - Pan-Elsweyr Celebration Event
ESO How to start PVP - Imperial City
ESO True-Sworn Style
ESO Dagonic Quasigriff Mount and Unstable Morpholith Pet
ESO How to start PVP - Cyrodiil
Banner-Bearer Shield and Staff Styles
ESO Midyear Mayhem Event
ESO Waking Flame Style
ESO Seals of Endeavor - Free Crown Crate Items
ESO Thrafey Debutante Gown Costume
ESO Ancestral Akaviri Style
ESO Nibenese Court Wizard Armor Style
ESO Ivory Brigade Style
ESO Deadlands Firewalker Personality & Unstable Morpholith Pet Guide
ESO Twitch Drops
ESO Imperial Champion Style - Anniversary Jubilee Event
ESO Impresario Event Merchant Guide
ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event Guide
ESO Regal Regalia Style
ESO Jester`s Festival Guide
ESO Wayward Guardian Style
ESO Unstable Morpholit Pet and Deandlands Scorcher Skin Guide
ESO Nighthollow Style
ESO Barbaric Style
ESO Siegemaster`s Uniform Costume and Siegemaster`s Close Helm
ESO Stalhrim Frostguard Style
ESO Ebonsteel Knight Style and Breton Terrier Pet
ESO Slag Town Diver Skin
ESO Doctrine Ordinator Outfit Style
ESO Tribunal Celebration Event
ESO Hungering Void Style
ESO Rkindaleft Dwarven Style
ESO Opal Outfit Styles
ESO Hazardous Alchemy Style
ESO Thorn Legion Style
ESO Ancestral Reach Style
ESO Void Pathosis Skin
ESO Timbercrow Wanderer Costume
ESO Arkthzand Armory Style
ESO Greymoor Style
Tianleins Twitch Highlights #7
ESO Ancient Elf Style
ESO Grave Dancer Style
ESO Legion Zero Vigiles Style - Imperial City Celebration Event
ESO Tools of Domination Style - Imperial City Celebration Event
ESO Sovngarde Style - Lost Treasure of Skyrim Event
ESO Mossheart Indrik Mount Guide - Get for free the Mossheart Indrik Mount
ESO Sea Giant Style - Showcase of the Sea Giant Motif in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Primal Style - Showcase of the Primal Motif in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Daedric Style - Showcase of the Daedric Motif in The Elder Scrolls Online
Tianleins Twitch Highlights #6
ESO Ancestral High Elf Style - Antiquities System Reward
ESO Swordthane Outfit Style
ESO Ancestral Orc Style - Antiquities System Reward
ESO Blackreach Vanguard Style - Greymoor Dailies
ESO Ancestral Nord Style - Antiquities System Reward
ESO Jephrine Paladin Style - Anniversary Jubilee Event
ESO New Moon Priest Style - Showcase of the New Moon Priest Motif
ESO Dragonguard Style - Showcase of the Dragonguard Motif in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Sunspire Style - Showcase of the Sunspire Motif in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Maelstrom Weapon Outfit Style - Orsinium Celebration Event
ESO Pellitine Motif - Showcase of the Pellitine Style in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Anequina Motif - Showcase of the Anequina Style in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Sai Sahan Outfit Style - Anniversary Jubilee Event
ESO Abnur Tharn Outfit Style - Anniversary Jubilee Event
ESO Lyris Titanborn Outfit Style - Anniversary Jubilee Event
ESO The Prophet Outfit Style - Anniversary Jubilee Event
ESO Worm Cult Motif
ESO Yokudan Motif - Armor & Weapon Showcase of Yokudan Style in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Celestial Motif - Armor & Weapon Showcase of the Celestial Style in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Malacath Motif - Armor & Weapon Showcase of the Malacath Style in The Elder Scrolls Online
ESO Trinimac Motif - Armor & Weapon Showcase of the Trinimac Style in The Elder Scrolls Online

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I stream regularly. You can normally find me online between 20:00 - 23:00 CET. And sometimes I do bonus streams (mid-day) if the life situation allows it.

For further details and cancellations, please inform yourself more on our discord server!

PC Setup

PC components

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
  • GPU: MSI Geforce RTX 2080 Super
  • RAM: D4 64GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo
  • Storage: SSD 512GB 960 PRO
  • Storage: SSD 1000GB 970 EVO
  • Capture card: 4K60 Pro MK.2


  • Display monitors: LG 32MP58HQ-P (x2)
  • Microphone: Shure SM7B
  • Mixer: Go XLR
  • Preamp: Cloudlifter CL-1
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Giveaway: Game list
  • Serial Cleaner
  • Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition
  • Sniper Elite
  • Mafia III
  • Almost There: The Platformer
  • Deep Sky Derelicts
  • Puss!
  • Avernum 3: Ruined World
  • Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator

We're going to do something else this weekend - try out the wheel of fortune. Wheel of fortune consists out of 28 tiles. For the complete list of tiles, please refer to the "Wheel of fortune tiles" card.

How does it work?

You can activate wheel of fortune together with the members of the community or by using your channel points via the Tianlein's Rewards & Challenges popover.

Wait a minute ... I can use my channel points for my own reward and in the end whole community can access the giveaway?

Indeed. Because of legal reasons, I can't give you something of a value in exchange for the Twitch channel points. By using your channel points, you can enable more giveaways to the community than usual. That is, if the wheel of fortune stops at the giveaway tile.

Remember: this is an event for the community, from the community and with the community.

Wheel of fortune tiles
  • 5 minute timeout
  • 1500 crowns
  • Red guar
  • Random steam game
  • Torchbug
  • ESO plus
  • Show Panda tongue
  • Show Panda hands
  • Twitch sub gift (Tier 1)
  • 10 minute timeout
  • Twitch sings (+60 seconds)
  • Greymoor
  • Purple guar
  • Elsweyr + Base
Steam games
  • 60 Parsecs!
  • Almost There: The Platformer
  • Balancelot
  • BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend
  • Dandara
  • Dreadlands
  • Eterium
  • Misadventures of Laura Silver: Chapter 1
  • Motorsport Manager
  • Mr. Shifty
  • Nong├╝nz
  • Offworld Trading Company
  • Pool Panic
  • Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator
  • Regular Human Basketball
  • STRAFE: Millennium Edition
  • Seasons After Fall
  • Super Chicken Catchers
  • Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
  • Worms Revolution
  • YORG.io
  • Zombotron
Tianlein's addon videos

In order to increase the QoL (Quality of Life) whilst playing ESO, we can install many addons which will help us with the mundane tasks such as crafting several items at once. Here you can find all addons which have helped me with my daily ESO tasks.

Quality of life
  • BeamMeUp - Teleporter (Fast Travel) This addon allows you to use the fast travel functionality of the game in a comfortable and highly costumizable way. All fast travel options you have through your guilds, friends and group are listed in a clear way and are usable with different search and filtering features.
  • Undaunted Pledges Utilities A simple addon that can help you to manage your undaunted dailies and more!
  • Dressing Room Reborn Dressing Room allows you to save your action bars and equipped gear items as unique sets. You can then equip any saved set, including gear and both action bars, with the press of one customizable hotkey.
  • Screenshot Helper Automatically hides all remaining UI elements (e.g. floating markers, enemy glow, fps window, etc.) when the ingame UI is toggled via the game's keybind (not bound by default)
  • Urich's Skill Point Finder Urich's Skill Point Finder provides a graphical interface showing all of the skill points you have (and haven't) earned throughout the entire game.
  • Display Leads This addon displays leads. With a lot of information, including detailed Lead Location in a tooltip.
User interface
  • Set Collection Marker Adds an icon in your inventories next to items that are not in your set collection / sticker book. This allows you to easily see which items you can equip/deconstruct for your collection instead of selling it.
  • Votan's Minimap This addon reactivates the mini map from ZOS. Thus the mini map does not do less, but also not more than the built-in world map, because it is the built-in world map.
  • Circular Votan's Mini Map This is a modification for Votan's Mini Map and adds new circular border styles to the mini map.
  • Lui Extended LUI Extended is an addon that adds multiple custom components.
  • DarkUI This addon is a reskin of many of the default ESO textures to a smoother and more subdued UI. DarkUI focuses only on changing textures to improve the look and feel of ESO while being compatible with all other addons and having no performance impact.
  • Lootdrop, Continued (All in One) Lootdrop graphically displays this informations (icon, quantity, rarity and text) on the screen by stacking it in a specific and transparent window.
  • Wykkyd Toolbar An addon originally programmed as a piece of Wykkyd's Framework. It provides an informational bar with on-screen display of useful, configurable, 'tools'.
  • Confirm Master Writ Add information to ToolTip of Master Writ.
  • AI Research Grid AI Research Grid allows you to quickly and easily see which traits you have researched for Blacksmithing, Clothing & Woodworking, wherever you are in the world.
  • CookeryWiz This is a must have addon for the budding provisioner.
  • Crafted Potions This addon set the Quality level of Crafted potions and poisons.
  • Dolgubon's Lazy Set Crafter This addon lets you easily make sets of gear of yourself, or other players, at any quality! You can even access the UI from anywhere, so you'll never have to worry about forgetting an order again! Once added to the queue, the addon will also tell you how many materials are required.
  • Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter It's a game changer. Takes longer to swap toons than it does to finish writs.
  • Harven's Trait and Style This addon adds an additional information to the armor/weapon item's tooltip. The information includes armor/weapon style and knowledge about a trait.
  • Item Set Browser Item Set Browser lets you browse and view all of the game's available item sets in-game. With One Tamriel's massive overhaul of itemization, it's difficult to keep track of what each item set does and where it can be acquired. This addon is designed to help you with that.
  • Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting) Potion Maker helps you make the potions you want.
  • Research Assistant A simple mod that adds a little icon to the list view. The icon only shows up for weapons and armor, and will be ORANGE if you do not have the trait researched. If the icon is GREY, that means you don't need to hold onto it for research! If you have duplicate traits, they will all be YELLOW except for the lowest quality item, which will be ORANGE.
  • WritWorthy Is a master writ worth doing? Does this character have the skills to do so? Want to craft it automatically?
  • Home Station Marker An add-on for Elder Scrolls Online that draws 3D markers over crafting stations in a player home.
  • Advanced Filters The default inventory has type filters, but they're still WAY too broad. This add-on fixes that!
  • Inventory Insight Items from banks, house storage, and all of the characters on your account! All in one place.
  • Master Merchant Master Merchant is an upgraded version of Shopkeeper that offers additional features for the Traders and Trading Guilds.
  • AwesomeGuildStore This addon augments the guild store interface with many useful additions.
Addon management
  • Votan's Keybinder Adds checkboxes to keybind dialog for user account wide shared keybindings.
  • Circonians Addon Selector It allows you to save the current enabled state of all of your addons in an addon pack that you can give a name to.
  • Votan's Fish Fillet Fillets all fishes of a stack.
  • Votan's Fisherman This addon stores the type of a fishing hole once a specific fish or bait was catched. The type and the fishes and baits already catched there, are shown in the interaction menu while focusing the fishing hole. Pins with a corresponding color are added to the map.
  • SkyShards Adds map pins for skyshards to the world map and compass
  • Destinations This addon will show stuff on your maps and radar depending on your settings
  • HarvestMap HarvestMap displays resource nodes, chests and fishing spots on map, compass and the 3d world.
  • LoreBooks These are for showing additional info for certain books pertaining to quests and such.
  • Lost Treasure Lost Treasure is an Elder Scrolls Online addon that shows treasure map and survey locations on your World Map. It includes every known treasure map and survey location.
  • Map Pins It adds additional pins on your ingame map.
  • GodSend Guild Mail Tool A comprehensive but lightweight guild mail tool, designed with Guildmaster and Officer ease of use in mind. With a few clicks, you can be sure your mail reaches everyone you intend it to.
  • Guild Hall List A simple addon which shows available 'guild halls' on the guild home screen when installed.
  • Guild Invite This addon allows for inviting players to guilds via right clicking from chat or group, and via chat commands. It will only give invite options for the guilds that you have invite rights for.
  • Roomba - Guildbank Stacker Your Guild Bank restacker.