ESO Earthbone Ayleid Style

How can I obtain the Earthbone Ayleid style?
You can find the Earthbone Ayleid Style in Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes during the Anniversary Jubilee Event. Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes are obtained by completing any daily or weekly repeatable Quests in the Elder Scrolls Online during the Anniversary Jubilee Event.
When is the Anniversary Jubilee Event active?
Anniversary Jubilee Event is usually each year active at the beginning of April.
Can I learn more about the Anniversary Jubilee Event?
Yes, please check out my Anniversary Jubilee Event Guide
How can I obtain the Earthbone Ayleid Style when I missed the Anniversary Jubilee Event?
You can either wait, that the Anniversary Jubilee Event returns. Or you purchase Earthbone Ayleid Style via the Guild Traders with Gold.
How do I apply this style to my gear?
To apply the Earthbone Ayleid Style to your armor, you have to create an outfit via an outfit station.
See the Outfit System Guide if you need additional help.
Can I see how the Earthbone Ayleid Style looks like?
Sure you can! I have created a youtube video for this topic:
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