ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event

What is the Anniversary Jubilee Event?

The Anniversary Jubilee Event is an ESO holiday event. It is a yearly celebration of the release of the Elder Scrolls Online.

When is the Anniversary Jubilee Event active?

Usually the Anniversary Jubilee Event is active in April.

What is special about the The Anniversary Jubilee Event?

During the this event you can obtain the Anniversary Jubilee Cake Memento which grants you a two hour double XP buff during the event.
You have to re-apply the double XP buff every two hours.
Note: you Can use the Anniversary Jubilee Cake memento all year long, but the double xp buff is only active during the Anniversary Jubilee Event.
ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event - Cake

Tip: You can find the Anniversary Jubilee Cake under Inventory Collections Tools Anniversary Jubilee Cake

How to start the Anniversary Jubilee Event ?

First you should obtain the Anniversary Jubilee Cake.
Start the Quest "Ache for Cake" via the Crown store for free.
ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event - Event Quest

Complete the Quest Ache for Cake:

ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event - Chef Donolon
Visit Chef Donolon at the Dockyards of Davon's Watch in Stonefalls, at the Docks in Vulkel Guard in Auridon or
in the northern Harbor District of Daggerfall in Glenumbra.
You can visit any of the locations regardless of your alliance:
ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event - Chef Donolon - Auridon ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event - Chef Donolon - Glenumbra ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event - Chef Donolan - Stonefalls
To complete the Quest Ache for Cake Chef Donolon wants from you several cake ingredients.
You need to obtain one banana, three Flour and two Honey.
All ingredients are placed around Chef Donolon, you just have to pick them up.
After you completed the Quest you will get as a reward the Anniversary Jubilee Cake Memento.
Note: You can obtain each year a different Anniversary Jubilee Cake Memento

Can I obtain unique rewards during the Anniversary Jubilee Event?

By completing any Daily or weekly repeatable Quests anywhere in ESO you can earn Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes.
Tip: You can prepare in advance Daily Repeatable Quests, save them, and hand them in when the event starts.

What rewards can you find in Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes?

Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes can contain several rewards like:
Tip: If you missed the event check the Guild Traders or wait that the Event returns.

Where can you find Daily repeatable quests?

You can find hundreds of different daily repeatable quests in ESO.
Daily Repeatable Quests are easy identified by green questmarkers.
ESO Anniversary Jubilee Event - Daily Repeatable Quest Marker
And the Dailies are availaible for all kind of content.
You can complete Crafting, PvP, Dungeons, Arena, NPC Guilds, Zone Dailies and more.
Note: Here you can find a Video with some ESO Daily Repeatable Quests.

Can you earn Event Tickets?

Yes. Players will receive once per day per account three event tickets.
Just use the Cake memento and a eat a piece of cake and you will get your three Event Tickets (April 2021).

What can you buy with Event Tickets from the Impresario Event Merchant during the Anniversary Jubilee Event?

This year, with Event Tickets, during the Anniversary Jubilee Event you can buy, from the Impresario, the following:
  • Imperial Champion Weapon Outfit Style pages
  • Unstable Morpholith Pet fragments
  • Replica Jubilee Cake Furnishings
  • Deadland Firewalker Personality fragments
Note: need help to find Impresario event merchant? Take a look here: Impresario Merchant video

Do you have a video which covers this topic?

Yes! I have created youtube which covers the Anniversary Jubilee Event:

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