ESO Collectible - Arena Gladiator Helm

How can I obtain the Arena Gladiator Helm?
To be able to obtain the Arena Gladiator Helm you need to acquire 20 Arena Gladiator's Proofs in Cyrodiil.
From what source can I earn Arena Gladiator's Proofs?
Please take a look at my Arena Gladiator's Proofs Guide
How can I create Arena Gladiator Helm?
Once you collected 20 Gladiator Proofs you can visit the War Researcher merchant and buy for 1 000 Alliance Points Arena Gladiator's Recognition. First, you need to have your 20 Gladiator Proof's in your inventory, then use the Arena Gladiator's Recognition to create a Runebox: Arena Gladiator Helm. Use the Runebox: Arena Gladiator Helm to add the Arena Gladiator Helm to your collection.
Where can I find the War Researchers?
How can I enter Cyrodiil?
Please take a look at my Cyrodiil guide
Is it part of the ESO Base game or do I need a DLC or ESO plus subscription?
Cyrodiil is part of the base game and you don't need any Chapter or DLC to enter that Zone.
Are there other ways to obtain the Arena Gladiator Helm?
You can search the Guild Traders and purchase the Runebox: Arena Gladiator Helm with Gold.
Can I see how the Arena Gladiator Helm looks like?
Yes! I have created youtube video for this topic:

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