ESO Arena Gladiator's Proof

What are Arena Gladiator's Proofs?
Arena Gladiator's Proofs can be earned in Cyrodiil. You can use Arena Gladiator's Proofs to obtain unique cosmetic items like costumes, styles, pets, hats etc.
How can I earn Arena Gladiator's Proofs?
You can find once per day/per account one guaranteed Arena Gladiator's Proof inside Gladiator's Rucksacks. These Rucksacks are rewarded by completing daily repeatable quests from the Conquest Board in Cyrodiil.
Be careful, Arena Gladiator's Proof have a 20 hour cooldown after you opened the last time a Gladiator's Rucksack. If you play on PC you can use the Addon "Item Cooldown Tracker" to track various loot cooldowns in the Elder Scrolls Online.
Where can I find Conquests Boards in Cyrodiil?
Depending on your Alliance you will find the Conquest Boards at the Eastern Elsweyr Gate, Northern Morrowind Gate and Southern Highrock Gate.
Which daily repeatable quests can I get from the Conquest Board?
At the Conquest Boards in Cyrodiil you can pick up following daily repeatable Quests:
  • Capture three keeps : Capture any three Keeps in Cyrodiil for your Alliance
  • Capture nine resources : Capture nine ressource like mines, farms, or lumbermills for your Alliance
  • Kill 40 enemy players : Kill 40 enemy players in Cyrodiil
  • Capture all 3 towns : Capture the three major towns in Cyrodiil for your Alliance
What is the next step?
After you collected enough Arena Gladiator's Proofs, visit the War Researcher Merchant . Depending on which item you would like to create you have to purchase from the War Researcher Merchant the needed upgrade item.
What Collectibles can I get with Arena Gladiator's Proofs and what does it cost?
Required Arena Gladiator's Proofs
Upgrade Item
Arena Gladiator's Exultation for 10 000 Alliance Points
Arena Gladiator's Mockery for 10 000 Alliance Points
Arena Gladiator's Recognition for 1000 Alliance Points
Arena Gladiator's Roar for 50 000 Alliance Points
Knight's Resolve for 2500 Alliance Points
Knight's Rebuke for 5000 Alliance Points
Reach-Mage's Ferocity for 1000 Alliance Points
How can I enter Cyrodiil?
Please take a look at my Guide how you can enter Cyrodiiil

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