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What are Event Tickets?
Event Tickets are a special and unique currency in the Elder Scrolls Online which you can earn during in-game Events throughout the year. Event Tickets got the first time introduced in ESO in 2018, during the Witches Festival.
How can you earn Event Tickets?
Usually you have to complete specific quests or tasks during events to receive your event tickets. Most of the time you can earn between 1-3 event tickets once per day and account. ESO offers plenty Events during the year, so you will have many opportunities to earn Event Tickets.
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Where can I see how many Event Tickets I have?
You can find your event Tickets in your currency tab where you also have an overview of your gold, tel var stones, alliance points and more. You can only store up to 12 event tickets at the same time. Be careful that you always have enough space to pick up your event tickets.
Are there other ways to get Event Tickets?
Yes, you can obtain Event Tickets with Crowns. Open the Crown Store and under The Events Tab you can find the currency tab. One Event Ticket can be purchased for 250 Crowns.
Crowns have to be bought with real money.
What can I purchase with Event Tickets?
Event Tickets are used to buy unique Items from the Impresario Event Merchant and the Indrik Vendor. For example can you purchase from the Impresario Event Merchant unique Styles, pets, Mounts, Costumes, Bodymarkings and more. The Indrik Vendor gives you the opportunity to purchase fragments for the Indrik Mounts and non combat Indrik Baby pets.
Both Vendors are only available in the Elder Scrolls Online if an in-game Event is active.
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