ESO Impresario Merchant Event

Who is the Impresario Event Merchant?

The Impresario Event Merchant is a unique and special Event Vendor who will only appear in ESO during Events.
ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Impresario Merchant

What items does the Impresario Event Merchant offer?

The Impresario's stock is changing over the years and also each Event.
You could obtain 2019 and 2020 various Indrik Mount variations.
Example for an Indrik Mount:
ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Crimson Indrik

In 2022 you will be able to purchase the following from the Impresario Event Merchant:

Additionally the Impresario Event merchant is offering also often unique outfit Style pages, unstable morpholith, pets, furnishings and more. So keep in mind that the Impresario's stock changes frequently and it is a good idea to take often a look what the Event Merchant is offering.

How can you find out which event collectibles you already own?

You can check your character achievement journal.
Also if you visit the impresario event merchant the items you already own will be shown red.

If you play on PC, I can recommend you the Addon "Event Collectibles".
This addon offers you an account wide overview of all the event collectibles.
Like that you can easily track what items you already have or what you still need to collect.
ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Addon - Event collectibles

Where can you find Impresario event Merchant?

Her Event Exchange tents are located near the starting city of each alliance's starting zone. And close to the main cities within chapter zones. You can find the Impresario Event Merchant:
  • In Stonefalls near Davon's Watch
    ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Map - Stonefalls
  • In Auridon next to Vulkhel Guard
    ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Map - Auridon
  • In Glenumbra close to Daggerfall
    ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Map - Glenumbra
  • In Vvardenfell next to Vivec City
    ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Map - Vvardenfell
  • In Summerset near Alinor
    ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Map - Summerset
  • In Northern Elsweyr close to Rimmen
    ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Map - Northern Elsweyr
  • In Western Skyrim near Solitude
    ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Map - Western Skyrim
  • In Blackwood next to Leyawiin
    ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Map - Blackwood

ESO will probably add another Impresario Event Merchant location in the next chapter.
Keep in mind that her stock is same in every location. It does not matter where you visit the Impresario Event Merchant.

Who is Philius Dormier?

Philius Dormier is the Impresarios Merchant Assistant.
He is always at the Events Exchange tent, and will inform you of The Impressario's presence or absence.
Additionally he offers some unique furnishings which you can purchase for gold.
ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Philius Dormier

What do you need to buy items from the Impresario Event merchant?

To buy anything from the Impresario you need to obtain Event Tickets.
You can find your event Tickets in your currency tab where you also have an overview of your gold, tel var stones, alliance points and more. You can only store up to 12 event tickets at the same time. Be careful that you always have enough space to pick up your event tickets.
ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Currency Tab

How can you earn Event Tickets?

Usually you have to complete specific quests or tasks during events to receive your event tickets.
Most of the time you can earn between 1-3 event tickets once per day and account.
ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Event tickets
ESO offers plenty Events during the year, so you will have many opportunities to earn Event Tickets.
Check out our Event Guides to learn more about the various ESO Events.

Are there other ways to get Event Tickets?

Yes, you can obtain Event Tickets with Crowns.
Open the Crown Store and under The Events Tab you can find the currency tab.
One Event Ticket can be purchased for 250 Crowns.
ESO Impresario Merchant Event - Crown Store
Crowns have to be bought with real money.

Do you have a video for Impresario Merchant guide?

Yes! I have created a youtube video which covers the Impresario Merchant:

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