Craglorn Repeatable Quests

Where can I find the Daily repeatable quests in the Craglorn?

Craglorn is a bit different compared to other Zones. You don't find a 1 or 2 dedicated places where you can pick up your daily repeatable quests easily. Instead almost all side quests across Craglorn can be repeated daily which means you can complete up to 14 daily repeatable quests in Craglorn.

Sara Benele Spellscar Quest: Critical Mass

Greban Shada's Tear Quest: The Fallen City of Shada

To reach the entrance of Shada`s Tear you have to climb down the ladder or jump down the waterfall

Nhalan Shada's Tear Quest: The Reason We Fight

You find the Quest Giver inside of Shada's Tear when you enter the Burial Grounds wing

Ralai Shada's Tear Quest: Waters Run Foul

You find the Quest Giver inside of Shada's Tear when you enter the City District wing

Ibrula The Seeker's Archive Quest: The Seeker's Archive

Fights-With-Tail Elinhir Quest: Supreme Power

Fada at-Glina Rahni'Za, the School of Warriors Quest: The Trials of Rahni'Za

The Gray Passage book Caravan Company Depot balcony Quest: The Gray Passage

Safa al-Satakalaam Caravan Company Depot Quest: The Truer Fangs

Lashburr Tooth-Breaker the Exarch's Stronghold Quest: Iron and Scales

Crusader Dalamar the Skyreach Catacombs Quest: Souls of the Betrayed

Mederic Vyger Skyreach Pinnacle Quest: Uncaged

Scattered-Leaves the Valley of Scars Quest: Taken Alive

Where can I find weekly repeatable quests in Craglorn?

You can complete 3 weekly trial repeatable quests in Craglorn.

Kailstig the Axe Hel Ra Cidadel Trial Quest: Assaulting the Cidatel

Turk Redclaws Sanctum Ophidia Trial Quest: The Oldest Ghost

Mighty Mordra Aetherian Archive Trial Quest: Mage's Tower

When you enter each Trial you will find the weekly quest giver at the entrance area.

What do I need to get access to Craglorn:

You don't need any DLC`s since Craglorn is part of the base game.

What Styles can I obtain from Craglorn daily & weekly repeatable quests?

Don't forget that you can search Guild Traders and buy the Styles you like with Gold

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