Blackwood Dailies

Where can I find the Daily repeatable quests in the Blackwood?

There are 2 types of daily repeatable quests in Blackwood:

  • Deetum-Jas in Leyawiin will offer you one of six delve daily repeatable quests
  • Britta Silanus in Leyawiin will offer you one of six group boss daily repeatable quests
You can only pick up one daily quest per day, but you may group with other players to obtain the other daily repeatable quests from Deetum-Jas and Britta Silanus.

Where can I find weekly repeatable quests in Blackwood?

Speak with Dust-On-Scales inside of the Rockgrove Trial who will offer you the weekly repeatable quest Of Stone and Steam.

What do I need to get access to Blackwood:

You need to own the Blackwood chapter.
Blackwood will be available as a DLC when the next Chapter is released (May/June 2022) It will be then also part of the ESO plus subscription.

What Styles can I obtain from Blackwood daily repeatable quests?

Don't forget that you can search Guild Traders and buy the Styles you like with Gold

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