ESO Jubilee Steed

What is the Jubilee Steed?
The Jubilee Steed is a mount for the Elder Scrolls Online.
How can you earn the Jubilee Steed mount?
You can obtain the Jubilee Steed during the Anniversary Jubilee Event. The horse was for first time added to the event in April 2024. During the Anniversary Jubilee you can earn Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes from any daily repeatable requests in the Elder Scrolls Online. Inside the Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box you get once per day a Jubilee Confetti pack. Collect 25 Jubilee Confetti packs and combine them to unlock the Jubilee Confetti Conveyor achievement and the Jubilee Steed. During the Anniversary Jubilee event in 2024 you have also a chance to purchase Jubilee Confetti packs from the Impresario Event Merchant for 3 Event Tickets each.
If you missed the event check the Guild Traders or wait that the Event returns.
How does the Anniversary Jubilee event work?
Take a look at my Anniversary Jubilee Guide
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Wednesday, the 3rd of April, 2024
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