ESO Kingmaker Achievement

How can I complete the Kingmaker Achievement in the Elder Scrolls Online?
The Kingmaker achievement can be unlocked by completing following Wrothgar Main Story Quests in the Orsinium DLC:
  • A King-Sized Problem
  • The Anger of a King
  • Blood on a King's Hands
  • Long Live the Kingr
To complete these quests, it is essential to complete all main Wrothgar quests, as they serve as prerequisites. That means you have to complete all of the following main quests in Wrothgar:
  • Invitation to Orsinium
  • For King and Glory
  • The Hidden Harvest
  • A King-Sized Problem
  • In the Name of the King
  • Quarry Conundrum
  • The Hand of Morkul
  • A Question of Succesion
  • To Save a Chief
  • The Anger of a King
  • The Kings Gambit
  • Blood on a King's Hands
  • Long Live the King
Is it part of the ESO Base game or do I need a DLC or ESO plus subscription?
To be able to enter Wrothgar you need to own the Orsinium DLC or have an active ESO plus subscription.
What does the Kingmaker achievement unlock?
Once you have unlocked the Kingmaker achievement you obtain the title Kingmaker. Furthermore you can purchase the Throne of the Orc King furnishing from the Orc achievement furnisher Lozotusk for 50 000 Gold.
Is there a way to find the main story quest in the Orsinium DLC?
The ESO Zone Guide is a great help to explore and complete zones in the Elder Scroll Online. Read more about it in my in-depth Zone Guide
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