ESO Scalecaller Style

How can I obtain the Scalecaller Style?

The Scalecaller Style chapters can be obtained by defeating the final Boss of the Scalecaller Peak Dungeon.
The chance of obtaining Chapters and Style Items increases with the difficulty of the dungeon.

Is it part of the ESO Base game or do I need a DLC or ESO plus subscription?

To be able to obtain the Scalecaller Style you need to own the Dragon Bones DLC or have an active ESO plus subscription.

What do I need to craft the Scalecaller Style?

To craft the Scalecaller Style you need the style material Infected Flesh which can be obtained by defeating bosses in the Scalecaller Peak Dungeon.

Can I see how the Scalecaller Style looks like?

Sure you can! I have created a youtube video for this topic:

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Monday, the 23rd of March, 2020

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