ESO Regal Regalia Style

How can I obtain the Regal Regalia style?

You can obtain the Regal Regalia Style during the Jester's Festival.

When is the Jester's Festival active?

The Jester's Festival is usually active at the end of March.

What do I have to do during the Festival?

There is a chance that the Regal Regalia Style can be found in Stupendous Jester's Festival Boxes.
You can earn a Stupendous Jester's Festival Box by completing your first Jester's Festival Daily Repeatable quest.
ESO Regal Regalia - Stupendous JesterĀ“s Festival Box

Want to know more about Jester's Festival?

I have created Jester's Festival guide which you can read here:
Jester's Festival Guide

Can I see how the Regal Regalia Style looks like?

Sure you can! I have created a youtube video for this topic:

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