ESO Annihilarch's Chosen Style

How can I obtain the Annihilarch's Chosen Style?
You can obtain the Annihilarch's Chosen Motif chapters by completing Oblivion Portals in the Deadlands. Fight the Final Boss at the end of the Oblivion Portal, and you may find a Style page in the chest.
You can only obtain one Style page per day/per account. The Timer resets with the daily Crafting Writs at 06.00 GMT
What is an Oblivion Portal?
Oblivion Portals are pathways to the Atoll of Immolation Public Dungeon. There you will find many enemies and bosses, and you have to fight your way to the center of the map to defeat the final Boss Havocrel Duke of Storms.
Where can I find Oblivion Portals in the Deadlands?
Oblivion Portals appear randomly across the Deadlands. You will see from the Distance a orange light that may help you to see a Oblivion Portal from the distance.
If you play on PC you can install the Addon Map Pins to display helpful icons on your map.
Is it part of the ESO Base game or do I need a DLC or ESO plus subscription?
To be able to obtain the Annihilarch's Chosen Style you need to own the Deadlands DLC or have an active ESO plus subscription.
What do I need to craft the Annihilarch's Chosen Style?
To craft the Annihilarch's Chosen Style you need the style material Blaze-Veined Prisms which are also obtained by Oblivion Portals in the Deadlands.
Can I see how the Annihilarch's Chosen Style looks like?
Sure you can! I have created a youtube video for this topic:
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