ESO Ancestral Orc Style

How can I obtain the Ancestral Orc Style?

You can find the Ancestral Orc Motif chapters via the antiquities system by digging for Antiquities in Daggerfall Covenant zones. The Ancestral Orc Style Leads can be obtained from chests found with treasure maps in Alik'r Desert, Stros M'Kai, Rivenspire, Glenumbra, Betnikh, Stormhaven.
Lead Treasure maps
Ancestral Orc: Helmets Stros M'Kai
Ancestral Orc: Shoulders Rivenspire
Ancestral Orc: Chest Pieces Glenumbra
Ancestral Orc: Gloves Alik'r Desert
Ancestral Orc: Leg Greaves Bangkorai
Ancestral Orc: Belts Betnikh
Ancestral Orc: Boots Stormhaven
Ancestral Orc: Axes Stros M'Kai
Ancestral Orc: Bows Glenumbra
Ancestral Orc: Daggers Rivenspire
Ancestral Orc: Maces Stormhaven
Ancestral Orc: Swords Alik'r Desert
Ancestral Orc: Shields Bangkorai
Ancestral Orc: Staves Betnikh
Is it part of the ESO Base game or do I need a DLC or ESO plus subscription?
You need to own the Antiquities Skill Line which you can learn if you own the Greymoor Chapter.
Greymoor is also part of ESO Plus (since June 2021). You can unlock and use the Antiquities Skill Line as long as your ESO plus Subscription is active.
What do I need to craft the Ancestral Orc Style?
To craft the Ancestral Orc Style you need Etched Manganese which can be obtained also via the antiquities system.

Can I see how the Ancestral Orc Style looks like?

Sure you can! I have created a youtube video for this topic:

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