ESO Undaunted Celebration Event

What is the Undaunted Celebration Event?
The Undaunted Celebration Event grants bonus rewards for completing group dungeons of any difficulty.
When is the Undaunted Celebration Event active?
This year the Undaunted Celebreation Event is active from September the 8th until September the 20th, 2022. Last year Undaunted Celebration Event was active at the end of November (November the 18th - November the 30th, 2021).
What do I need to participate?
To join the Undaunted Celebration Event you simply have to travel to any group dungeon of your choice and defeat the final boss of the dungeon. You can travel directly to the group dungeon via a wayshrine or your map. Or you can use the dungeon finder to find a group of adventurers and travel to a dungeon. For the event rewards you don't need to complete the dungeon with a full group of 4 people. You can also go there alone, if you are strong enough. Or visit the group dungeon with a friend and companions.
Group dungeons are available in normal and veteran difficulty and are created to be completed for a group of 4 players.
What rewards can I earn during the Undaunted Celebration Event?
For defeating the final boss of any group dungeon during the Event will award an Undaunted Reward Box. If it is your first dungeon boss of the day you will also get a Glorious Undaunted Reward box with even more rewards. Additionally you have a chance earn Opal monster Helm Style pages from the corresponding dungeon boss in Veteran Hard Mode. And you can find Opal Monster Shoulder style pages within Undaunted Opal Shoulder Coffers available from Glirion, Urgalag Chief-bane, and Maj al-Ragath.
You can also earn one Undaunted Reward Box per day by completing Undaunted Daily Repeatable Quests for Bolgrul.
What items can I find inside Undaunted Reward Boxes?
  • Undaunted Plunder
  • Undaunted Keys
  • Various Style Pages from Group Dungeons
  • Crown Store Repair Kits
  • Riding Lessons
  • Opal Weapon Style Pages
  • Crafting Materials
  • Transmute Crystals and more
What items can I find inside Glorious Undaunted Reward Boxes?
Glorious Undaunted Reward Boxes have a chance to contain similar items as in the Undaunted Rerward Boxes. But you will find guaranteed an Opal Weapon Style Page in Glorious Undaunted Reward Boxes.
Which Opal Monster Styles can I earn?
From which dungeons can I earn this years Opal Monster Helms and Shoulders?
You have to complete following dungeons in veteran hard mode during the Undaunted Celebration Event to have a chance to earn Opal Monster Helm and Shoulder Style pages:
If you complete the final boss of the dungeon only in veteran difficulty you have a chance to earn the regular Monster Helm Style page during the event.
Can you explain again where can I find which part of the Opal Styles?
  • Opal Weapon Style Pages Inside Glorious Undaunted Reward Boxes and Undaunted Reward Boxes
  • Opal Helm Style Pages defeat the final boss of specific dungeons in Veteran Hard Mode
  • Opal Shoulder Style Pages defeat the final boss of specific dungeons in Veteran Hard Mode. Additionally you can purchase Undaunted Opal Shoulder Coffers or the Opal Shoulder Style Pages from the Pledge Masters with Undaunted Keys
Where can I find the Pledge Masters Glirion, Urgalag Chief-bane, and Maj al-Ragath?
You can find the Pledge Masters at the Undaunted Enclaves. To learn more please take a look at my Pledge Master Guide
How much much Undaunted Keys does an Undaunted Opal Shoulder Coffers cost?
Undaunted Opal Shoulder Coffers are purchasable for 25 Undaunted keys and contain a random opal shoulder style page If you already own the base shoulder style you can also purchase the opal shoulder versions directly from the associated merchant for 50 Undaunted keys.
How can I obtain the Opal Monster Styles after the Event has ended?
You can purchase the Opal Monster Styles from Guild Traders with gold.
Can you earn Event Tickets?
You can earn 2 Event Tickets once per day, per account, by defeating the final boss of any normal or veteran dungeon during the Undaunted Celebration Event.
What can you buy with Event Tickets from the Impresario Event Merchant during the Undaunted Celebration Event?
This year, with Event Tickets, during the Undaunted Celebration Event you can buy, from the Impresario, the following:
Need help to find Impresario event merchant? Take a look here: Impresario Merchant
Which collectibles does the Indrik Vendor offer during the Undaunted Celebration Event?
Which collectibles does the Impressarios Assistant, Philius Dormier, offer during the Undaunted Celebration Event?
Do you have a video which covers this topic?
Yes! I have created a youtube video which covers the Undaunted Celebration Event:

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