ESO Explorer's Celebration Event

What is the Explorer’s Celebration Event?
The Explorer’s Celebration Event is recurring small event for the Elder Scrolls Online. The Explorer’s Celebration Event does not offer any unique quests, collectibles or achievements.
When is the Explorer’s Celebration Event active?
There is not a fix date for the Explorer’s Celebration Event. The Event was so far active on following dates:
  • 12th - 16th November, 2020
  • 13th - 20th May, 2021
  • November, 2021
What is special about the Explorer’s Celebration Event?
  • You can earn double Experience from every source
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  • Double yield from harvesting nodes everywhere in the Elder Scrolls Online
  • Earn double Gold from any quest rewards, monster kills, etc.
Where are the Bonuses for Explorer’s Celebration Event active?
All the Bonuses are everywhere in the Elder Scrolls Online available.
Can you earn Event Tickets?
No, you can't earn any Event Tickets during the Explorer’s Celebration Event.
Is the Impresario Event Merchant available?
During the Explorer’s Celebration the Impresario Event Merchant is not available.

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