Undaunted Pledges Dailies

How can I start the Daily repeatable Undaunted Pledges Quests?

Speak with the Pledge Masters Maj al-Ragath, Glirion the Redbeard and Urgarlag Chief-bane to obtain the daily repeatable Undaunted Pledge Quests.
Undaunted Pledges will be unlocked when you reach Level 45 with your Character.

What are Undaunted Pledges?

Undaunted Pledges are daily repeatable quests which will send you out to clear a Group Dungeon on normal or veteran difficulty. Each Pledge Master offers you each day a different quest. That means you can complete 3 Undaunted Pledge quests per day/per character. Undaunted Pledge quests reset every 20 hours.

How can I start Undaunted Pledge Quests?

Once you reach level 45 with your Character you will receive an in-game Mail with the: Undaunted Enclave Invitation. Read the Invitation, and complete Quest. If you already did that prerequisite quest you can just go each day to Maj al-Ragath, Glirion the Redbeard and Urgarlag Chief-bane and pick up the daily repeatable Undaunted Pledge Quests.

What do I get from completing Undaunted Pledges?

By completing the Undaunted Pledges you can earn Undaunted Keys. You will earn 1 Undaunted Key if you complete the Dungeon in normal or veteran difficulty. If you complete the dungeon in Hardmode veteran difficulty you will get 2 Undaunted Keys.

What can I do with Undaunted Keys?

All three Pledge Master's offer unique Items in their shop. Take a look at my Pledge Master Guide

Where can I find the Daily repeatable quest giver for the Undaunted Pledges?

You can find the three Pledge Masters Maj al-Ragath, Glirion the Redbeard and Urgarlag Chief-bane at the Undaunted Enclave in Mournhold in Deshaan, Wayrest in Stormhaven and Elden Root in Grahtwood.

What kind of quests does Maj al-Ragath offer?

Maj al-Ragath offers Undaunted Pledges where you have to explore Group Dungeons from the Base Game.
Banished Cells I
Explore the Banished Cells I Dungeon
Banished Cells II
Explore The Banished Cells II Dungeon
Darkshade Caverns I
Explore Darkshade Caverns I Dungeon
Darkshade II
Explore Darkshade Caverns II Dungeon
Elden Hollow I
Explore Elden Hollow I Dungeon
Elden Hollow II
Explore Elden Hollow II Dungeon
Fungal Grotto I
Explore Fungal Grotto I Dungeon
Fungal Grotto II
Explore Fungal Grotto II Dungeon
Spindleclutch I
Explore Spindleclutch I Dungeon
Spindleclutch II
Explore Spindleclutch II Dungeon
Wayrest Sewers I
Explore Wayrest Sewers I Dungeon
Wayrest Sewers II
Explore Wayrest Sewers II Dungeon

What kind of quests does Glirion the Redbeard offer?

Glirion the Redbeard offers Undaunted Pledges where you have to explore Group Dungeons from the Base Game.
Arx Corinium
Explore Arx Corinium Dungeon
Blackheart Haven
Explore Blackheart Haven Dungeon
Blessed Crucible
Explore Blessed Crucible Dungeon
City of Ash I
Explore City of Ash I Dungeon
City of Ash II
Explore City of Ash II Dungeon
Crypt of Hearts I
Explore Crypt of Hearts I Dungeon
Crypt of Hearts II
Explore Crypt of Hearts II Dungeon
Direfrost Keep
Explore Direfrost Keep Dungeon
Selene's Web
Explore Selene's Web Dungeon
Tempest Island
Explore Tempest Island Dungeon
Vaults of Madness
Explore the Vaults of Madness Dungeon
Explore Volenfell Dungeon

What kind of quests does Urgarlag Chief-bane offer?

Urgarlag Chief-bane offers Undaunted Pledges where you have to explore Group Dungeons from DLC's. The Elder Scrolls Online adds each year two new Dungeon DLC’s two the game.
Black Drake Villa
Flames of Ambition DLC
Explore Black Drake Villa Dungeon
Bloodroot Forge
Horns of the Reach DLC
Explore Bloodroot Forge Dungeon
Castle Thorn
Stonethorn DLC
Explore Castle Thorn Dungeon
Cradle of Shadows
Shadows of the Hist DLC
Explore Cradle of Shadows Dungeon
Depths of Malatar
Wrathstone DLC
Explore Depths of Malatar Dungeon
Falkreath Hold
Horns of the Reach DLC
Explore Falkreath Hold Dungeon
Fang Lair
Dragon Bones DLC
Explore Fang Lair Dungeon
Wrathstone DLC
Explore Frostvault Dungeon
Harrowstorm DLC
Explore Icereach Dungeon
Imperial City Prison
Imperial City DLC
Explore Imperial City Prison Dungeon
Lair of Maarselok
Scalebreaker DLC
Explore Lair of Maarselok Dungeon
March of Sacrifices
Wolfhunter DLC
Explore the March of Sacrifices Dungeon
Moon Hunter Keep
Wolfhunter DLC
Explore Moon Hunter Keep Dungeon
Moongrave Fane
Scalebreaker DLC
Explore Moongrave Fane Dungeon
Red Petal Bastion
Waking Flame DLC
Explore Red Petal Bastion
Ruins of Mazzatun
Shadows of the Hist DLC
Explore Ruins of Mazzatun Dungeon
Scalecaller Peak
Dragon Bones DLC
Explore Scalecaller Peak Dungeon
Stone Garden
Stonethorn DLC
Explore Stone Garden Dungeon
The Cauldron
Flames of Ambition DLC
Explore The Cauldron Dungeon
The Dread Cellar
Waking Flame DLC
Explore The Dread Cellarn
Unhallowed Grave
Harrowstorm DLC
Explore Unhallowed Grave Dungeon
WhiteGold Tower
Imperial City DLC
Explore White-Gold Tower
The three daily undaunted pledges are identical for every player and rotate in a fixed order.

Is it part of the ESO Base game or do I need a DLC or ESO plus subscription?

You only need access to the base game to complete quests for Maj al-Ragath and Glirion the Redbeard. To be able to complete quests for Urgarlag Chief-bane you need to own the related Dungeon DLC`s or have and active ESO plus subscription.

What can I obtain from Undaunted Pledge daily repeatable quests?

  • Inside Group Dungeons you can find unique Dungeon Gear and Monster Set Helmets.
  • Undaunted Keys. Use these keys to get for example Monster Set Shoulder pieces or Mercenary Style chapters
  • Gold & experience

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