High Isle Repeatable Quests

Where can I find the Daily repeatable quests in High Isle?
The Daily Job Brokers from the High Isle chapter are located in the city Gonfalon.
There are several daily repeatable quests available in High Isle:
  • Parisse Plouff will offer you world boss daily repeatable quests.
  • Wayllod will offer you delve daily repeatable quests.
    You can only pick up one daily quest per day from each quest giver, but you may group with other players to obtain the other daily repeatable quests.
  • Druid Peeska will offer you Volcanic Vent daily repeatable quests.
    This quest is not shareable with other players and you can complete it only once per day, per character.
Additionally to the regular daily repeatable quests you can find in High Isle also Dailies for the Tales of Tribute card game. Both Daily Job Brokers may be found inside the Gonfalon Gaming Hall in Gonfalon Bay after you completed the Tales of Tribute tutorial questline.
  • Kishka the Broker offers you dailies where you have to play Tales of Tribute against NPCs across Tamriel. She offers you in total two challenges per day.
    If you win a single game, you earn a small reward. If you win two games you will award you fine prize. For winning three games you will earn a grand reward.
  • Marunji the Broker offers you dailies where you have to play Tales of Tributes against other players.
Where can I find weekly repeatable quests in High Isle?
Speak with Admiral Galvendier inside of the Dreadsail Reef Trial who will offer you the weekly repeatable quest: Reavers of the Reef.
What do I need to get access to High Isle?
To be able to complete these daily and weekly repeatable Quests you need to own the High Isle chapter.
High Isle will be available as a DLC when the next Chapter is released (May/June 2023). It will be then also part of the ESO plus subscription.
What Styles can I obtain from High Isle daily and weekly repeatable quests?
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