Cyrodiil Dailies

Can I find Daily Repeatable Quests in Cyrodiil in the Elder Scrolls Online?
Yes, you can find plenty of Daily Repeatable Quests in Cyrodiil, even so it is a Player vs Player Zone. The are PvP Dailies and PvE Dailies available.
How can I enter Cyrodiil?
Please take a look at my Cyrodiil guide
Where can I obtain PvP Daily Repeatable Quests in Cyrodiil?
PvP related Dailies in Cyrodiil can be started from Mission Boards and by speaking with the Grand Warlord. You can find the Dailies in:
  • Northern Morrowind Gate (Ebonheart Pact)
  • Eastern Elsweyr Gate (Aldmeri Dominion)
  • Southern High Rock Gate (Daggerfall Covenant)
Which PvP Daily Repeatable Quests are available in Cyrodiil?
Bounty Mission Board: The Bounty Mission Quest will ask you to defeat a number of enemy players, or a specific class (For example Kill 20 enemy wardens).

Battle Mission Board: The Battle Mission Quest will send you across Cyrodiil to capture Farms, Mines and Lumbermills for your alliance.

Warfront Mission Board: To complete the Warfront Mission Quest you have to help to capture a specific Castle, Keep or Fort.

Scouting Mission Board: The Scouting Mission Quest will send you across Cyrodiil to visit a a Mine, Farm, Keep, Castle or Keep and write a scout report.

Conquest Mission Board: The Conquest Mission Quest can be a variation of quests. For example:
  • Kill 40 enemy players
  • Capture any three keeps in Cyrodiil
  • Capture any nine unique resources
  • Capture all three towns
Elder Scrolls Mission:

This Quest can be obtained from Grand Warlord Zimmeron (Ebonheart Pact), Grand Warlord Dortene (Daggerfall Covenant) or Grand Warlord Sorcalin (Aldmeri Dominion).

You have to capture or recapture an Elder Scroll. If it is a scroll which belongs to your alliance you have to return the Scroll to the related Scroll Temple. Otherwise you can also transport the captured Elder Scroll to a nearby keep which is under control of your alliance.
Where can I obtain Settlement daily repeatable Quests in Cyrodiil?
You can find the quest givers for the settlement dailies in the major settlements in Cyrodiil. The major settlements are Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Weynon Priory, Cropsford and Vlastarus.
Which PvE Daily Repeatable Quests are available in Cyrodiil?
Location: Bruma
In Bruma you can find two Daily Repeatable Quest givers. Grigerda is inside the Manor House and Hjorik can be found in the Chapel in Bruma.
Grigerda offers following dailies:
  • Bring Down the Magister: Kill the magister of the Shadowed Path
  • Know thy Enemy: Fight some Dremoras in Bruma
  • Requests for Aid: Bring supplies to the outskirts of Bruma.
  • Timely Intervention: Search the missing warriors in Bruma
  • The Unseen: Close portals in the manor house
Quest Giver: Hjorik. You can find Hjorik in the Chapel in Bruma.
  • Capstone Caps: Collect mushrooms in Capstone Cave
  • Dangerously Low: Find medical supplies around Bruma
  • Enemy Reinforcements: Defeat Daedric reinforcements
  • Lost and Alone: Search for lot people around Bruma
  • The Standing Stones: Use magic for healing scrolls
Location: Cheydinhal
In Cheydinhal are the quest giver Sylvian Herius and Vyctoria Girien which offer you various Daily Repeatable Quests.
Sylvian Herius offers following dailies:
  • A Debt Come Due: Defeat an Imperial lieutenant
  • Bloodied Waters: Kill archers in Cheydinhal
  • For Piety's Sake: Carry prayers to a shrine
  • Keepsake: Collect a heirloom from the Great Chapel of Arkay
  • Stacking the Odds: Find a rebel spy
Vyctoria Girien offers following dailies:
  • Ayleid Treasure: Collect a relic from Vahtacen
  • The Burned Estate: Put an end to the Shadowed Path from summoning atronachs
  • Prisoners of War: Rescue soldiers
  • Spice: Destroy the Legion's food storage in Cheydinhal.
  • Thorns in Our Side: Find and return stolen valuables
Location: Chorrol
In Chorrol you can find Lliae the Quick.
She offers you following Dailies:
  • Death to the Black Daggers: Defeat the Black Daggers in the village Hackdirt
  • Guard Work is Never Done: Bring back Captain Minwe's spirit
  • Field of Fire: Help to protect settlement Chorrol from the atronachs
  • The Cache: Fill up a supply caches
  • The High Cost of Lying: Take care of the bandits who plan an ambush
Location: Weynon Priory
At the Weynon Priory Mael is offering various daily repeatable quests.
Mael offers following dailies:
  • Abominations: Burn the Weynon villagers before they return as vampires
  • Black Dagger Supplies: Poison the local bandits
  • Claw of Akatosh: Recover the Claw of Akatosh
  • Overdue Supplies: Find the missing courier
  • The Lich: Destroy the Shadowed Path lich
Location: Cropsford
In Cropsford Prefect Antias and Ufgra gra-Gum offers you various daily repeatable quests.
Prefect Antias offers following dailies:
  • Crown Point: Light up the nearby watchtower
  • The Hedoran Estate: Investigate the destroyed manor
  • Offerings to Zenithar: Convince the people to offer to Zenithar
  • Seeds of Hope: Go to the lair of the goblins and look for seeds
Ufgra gra-Gum offers following dailies:
  • Bloody Hand Spies: Kill a goblin skirmisher
  • Securing Knowledge: Hide and secure books
  • Harvest Time: Collect sacks of produce
  • The Dead of Culotte: Kill the undeads
  • Timberscar Troubles: Defeat a goblin leader at the camp
Location: Vlastarus
In Vlastarus Nelerien and Jurana are offering you several daily repeatable quests.
Nelerien offers following dailies:
  • Bear Essentials: Defeat the bear
  • Death to the Crone: Travel to Nisin Cave and kill Barasatii
  • For a Friend: Defeat the ghost captain
  • Rock Bone Diplomacy: Kill some goblins
  • The Direct Approach: Defeat Necromancers at Haynote Cave
Jurana offers following dailies:
  • Essence of Flame: Collect Essence of Flame samples
  • An Evil Presence: Defeat the Necromancer inside the cave
  • Mementos: Find and recover stolen items
  • Silver Scales: Kill the poachers and obtain silver scales
Are there more daily repeatable Quests available in Cyrodiil?
Yes, you can unlock Fighters Guild daily repeatable Quests in Cyrodiil. You can find the Quest Givers at your alliance base inside the tavern.
  • Aldmeri Dominion: Sebasi is waiting for in the Vicoty Tavern at the Western Elsweyr Gate
  • Ebonheart Pact: Arkas can be found in the Warrior's Rest tavern at the Southern Morrowind Gate
  • Daggerfall Covenant: Ikran is waiting inside the Highlands Glory Inn at the Northern High Rock Gate.
What kind of Dailies do Sebazi, Arkas and Ikran offer?
  • Black Daggers: Kill some bandits for the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil
  • Goblins: Eliminate goblins for the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil
  • Gray Vipers: Kill some bandits for the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil
  • Shadowed Path: Slay some necromancers for the Fighters Guild in Cyrodiil
How can in unlock the Fighters Guild Dailies in Cyrodiil?
If you reached Rank 9 or higher in the Fighters Guild Skill line you are able to skill the passive Bounty Hounter in your Fighters Guild Skill tree.
You can increase your Fighers Guild reputation by killing undead and daedras. Also can earn even more reputation by destroying Dolmens or completing Fighters Guild Dailies
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