ESO Zenithar Adytum Gate

How can I obtain the Zenithar Adytum Gate?
You can acquire the Zenithar Adytum Gate by collecting and combining 50 Inscribed Shards from the Zenithar's Abbey Public Dungeon in Blackwood.
How can you earn Inscribed Shards?
Inscribed Shards are obtained by defeating any enemies in the Zenithar's Abbey Public Dungeon.
It is possible to buy or sell Inscribed Shards via guild traders too.
It seems like that defeating the Boss Grapnur the Crusher and Burthar Meatwise will give you guarateed one Inscribed Shard. The Boss is respawning every 5 minutes.
The Boss location is not far away from the entrance of the Zenithar's Abbey Public Dungeon.
Where can you find the Zenithar's Abbey Public Dungeon?
The Zenithar's Abbey Public Dungeon is located northern part of Blackwood.
Is it part of the ESO Base game or do I need a DLC or ESO plus subscription?
You need to own the Blackwood to gain access to the Zenithar's Abbey Public Dungeon.
Blackwood will be available as a DLC when the next Chapter is released (May / June 2022). It will be then also part of the ESO plus subscription.
Do you have a Video about the Zenithar Adytum Gate?
Yes, I have created a youtube video for this topic:
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