ESO Collectible - Voriplasm Pet

What is the Voriplasm pet?

The Voriplasm pet is a non-combat pet.

How can you earn the Voriplasm Pet?

The first time you could earn the Voriplasm Pet during the Murkmire Celebration Event in Spring 2020. Now the Voriplasm Pet will return during the Bounties of Blackwood Event in September 2021. By completing Dailies and activies in Blackwood during the Bounties of Blackwood Event you can earn Glorious Blackwood Legates` Coffers and Blackwood Legates` Coffers. Inside these coffers you have a chance to find Voriplasm pet fragments.
If you missed the event check the Guild Traders or wait that the Event returns.

What fragments do you need to get the Voriplasm pet?

You need to collect the 7 Voriplasm pet fragments:
  • Voriplasm Trap: Compliance Oil
  • Voriplasm Trap: Chrystal Jar
  • Voriplasm Trap: Enticing Bait
  • Voriplasm Trap: Gold Spring
  • Voriplasm Trap: Training Salts
  • Voriplasm Trap: Trigger Wire
  • Voriplasm Trap: User Manuel

Is there another way to get the Voriplasm pet fragments?

Yes, during the Bounties of Blackwood Event the Impresario Event Merchant offers in her shop all 7 Voriplasm Pet fragments for 5 Event Tickets each.

How can you combine the Voriplasm pet fragments?

After you collected each Voriplasm pet fragment you have to combine the 7 parts to summon the Voriplasm Pet. Go to your Collections Voriplasm Pet right click on any of the fragments click combine the Voriplasm Pet is now added to your non-combat pets.

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