ESO Collectible - Throwing Bones Memento

What are Throwing Bones in the Elder Scrolls Online?
Throwing Bones is a Memento which you can aquire during the Witches Festival. Mementos let your Character perform unique actions. If you use the Throwing Bones Memento your Character will kneel down and throw some bones. The first time you could earn the Throwing Bones Memento during the Witches Festival 2020.
How can you earn the Throwing Bones Memento?
Obtain 10 Rune-Carved Bone Fragments and combine them to obtain the Throwing Bones Memento.
How can I obtain Rune-Carved Bone Fragments?
Usually the Rune-Carved Bone Fragments could be found in Witches Festival Plunder Skulls, but the Elder Scrolls Online changed that in 2021. Now the Rune-Carved Bone Fragments are only found in the Witches Grab Bags at the Impresario Event Merchant during the Witches Festival. You can buy Witches Grab Bags for 2 Event Tickets each.
Is there another way to get the Throwing Bones parts or the Throwing Bones Memento?
Yes, check out the Guild Traders and buy the Rune-Carved Bone Fragments or complete Memento, Runebox: Throwing Bones with Gold.
How does the Witches Festival work?
Take a look at my Witches Festival Guide

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