ESO Taskmaster's Banner Skin

How can I obtain the Taskmaster's Banner Skin?
To obtain the Taskmaster's Banner Skin you have to visit and complete the Bal Sunnar Dungeon on veteran difficulty. You have to unlock the "Bal Sunnar Conqueror" achievement by defeating Kovan Giryon, Roksa the Warped, and Matriarch Lladi Telvanni within the veteran Bal Sunnar Dungeon.
Is it part of the ESO Base game or do I need a DLC or ESO plus subscription?
To be able to obtain the Taskmaster's Banner Skin you need to own the Scribes of Fate DLC or have an active ESO plus subscription.
Can I see how the Taskmaster's Banner Skin looks like?
Sure you can! I have created a youtube video for this topic:
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Monday, the 20th of February, 2023
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