ESO Sovereign Sow Pet

What is the Sovereign Sow?
The Sovereign Sow pet is a non-combat pet in the Elder Scrolls Online.
How can you earn the Sovereign Sow Pet?
The first time you could earn the Sovereign Sow Pet during the Jester's Festival in 2020. You have a chance to find Sovereign Sow fragments inside Stupendous Jester's Festival Boxes. The first Jester's Festival Quest you complete will award you a Stupendous Jester's Festival Box once per day per account.
What fragments do you need to get the Sovereign Sow pet?
You need to collect the 7 Sovereign Sow pet fragments:
  • Sovereign Brush
  • Sovereign Oil
  • Sovereign Tiara
  • Sovereign Sash
  • Sovereign Libations
  • Sovereign Fodder
  • Sovereign Lead
How can you combine the Sovereign Sow pet fragments?
After you collected all seven Sovereign Sow pet fragment you have to combine the parts to summon the Sovereign Sow Pet. Open your inventory, right click on any of the Sovereign Sow pet fragments, click combine and then the Sovereign Sow Pet is added to your non-combat pets collection.
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