ESO Nascent Indrik Mount

What are the Indriks in the Elder Scrolls Online?
Indriks are possible player mounts and non combat pets for the Elder Scrolls Online. Players could collect up to 9 Indrik Mount variations and 8 Indrik pets during in-game Events in 2019 and 2020. Now in June, 2022 the Indriks will return. Each quarter you can obtain different Indrik variations with event Tickets. First you need to collect feathers for base collectible, the Nasent Indrik Mount. Then you need to obtain upgrade berries to morph the base element into a new Indrik variation.
How can I obtain the Nascent Indrik Mount?
The Indrik Vendor Nenulaure offers the four Nascent Indrik feathers during all in-game Events throughout the year in the Elder Scrolls Online.
Where can I find the Indrik Vendor Nenulaure?
Please take a look at my Indrik Vendor Guide
What items do you need to collect to unlock the Nascent Indrik?
During each ESO Event the Indrik Vendor will offer all four feathers. You have to obtain the:
  • Opaline Indrik Feather
  • Onyx Indrik Feather
  • Gilded Indrik Feather
  • Emerald Indrik Feather
Each feather for the Nascent Indrik is available for 5 event tickets at the Indrik Vendor. So you need in total 20 Event Tickets to unlock the Nascent Indrik Mount.
How can I add the Nascent Indrik Mount to my Collection?
After you collected all four feathers (Opaline Indrik Feather, Onyx Indrik Feather ,Gilded Indrik Feather,Emerald Indrik Feather) you have to combine the parts to unlock the Nascent Indrik Mount. Go to your Collections Fragments Nascent Indrik right click on any of the feathers click combine and then the Nascent Indrik is added to your collection.
Which Indrik Evolutions are available?
When can I obtain the various Indrik Mounts or pets in the Elder Scrolls Online?
The Indrik Vendor offers each quarter a selection of Indrik Mount and pet variations:
What do I have to do to evolve the Nascent Indrik Mount?
To evolve your Nascent Indrik you need to obtain four special berries of the Indrik evolution of your choice. You need 20 Event Tickets to obtain the Nascent Indrik and additional 40 Tickets to get all four Dawnwood Indrik Berries. That means you need to invest in total 60 Tickets for each Indrik Mount Evolution.
What will happen with the Nascent Indrik when I morph it?
The Nascent Indrik will be consumed in the morph process and is removed from your collection. But you can reaquire it by purchasing the four Nascent Indrik feathers again from the Indrik Vendor during all in events throughout the year.
How can you obtain Event Tickets?
Event Tickets are obtained via in-game activities during Events. You can also buy Event Tickets via the Crown Store. Please take a look at my Event Tickets Guide to learn more.
What can I do if I have missed some Indrik feathers or berries?
The Indrik Vendor offers all year long the Nascent Indrik feathers during each event. If you missed the Dawnwood Berries, you have to wait until the first quarter of the next year.
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