ESO Hide Shoulders

What is the Hide Shoulder Collectible?
The Hide Shoulder feature is a new collectible which can be used to hide shoulders parts of your Outfit.
How can you obtain the Hide Shoulder Collectible?
The Impresario Event Merchant will offer during the Jester's Festival 2023 the Hide Shoulder Ability for 5 Event Tickets. After the Jester Festival Event ends you can find and purchase the Hide Shoulder collectible from the Impresarios Assistant, Philius Dormier , for 5 Event Tickets. Once you purchased the Hide Shoulder Collectible it will be automatically added to your account.
How can I use the Hide Shoulder Collectible?
After you unlocked the Hide Shoulder collectible, vist any Ouftfit Station choose an Outfit slot go to shoulders click on: hide shoulder
To apply the hide shoulder ability you have to pay 500 Gold.
Can I learn more about the Outfit System?
Yes, please take a look at my Outfit System Guide
Do you have a video which covers this topic?
Yes! I have created a youtube video which covers the Hide Shoulder Collectible:
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Monday, the 27th of February, 2023
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