ESO Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet

What is the Ebon-Glow Indrik?
The Ebon-Glow Indrik is a non-combat pet in the Elder Scrolls Online.
How can you obtain the Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet?
The first time you could earn the Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet during the Dragon Rise Event Event in 2019 from the Impresario Event Merchant . In June 2022 the Indrik Vendor Nenulaure will be introduced in the Elder Scrolls Online. This Vendor offers each quarter a different collection of Indrik Mounts and pets. Nenulaure offers the Ebon-Glow Indrik Pet during the fourth quarter (July, August, September) of the year for 10 Event Tickets.
Where can I find the Indrik Vendor?
Please take a look at my Indrik Vendor Guide to learn more.
What are Event Tickets?
Event tickets are a unique currency which allows you to purchase special Event collectibles. Take a look at my Event Tickets Guide to learn more.
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