ESO Crown of Misrule

What is the Crown of Misrule?
The Crown of Misrule is a cosmetic hat item for Elder Scrolls Online. This hat can be earned during the Jester's Festival.
How can you earn the Crown of Misrule?
You can unlock the Crown of Misrule by completing the Lord of Misrule Achievement.
The Lord of Misrule Achievement will also give you the Lord of Misrule Title.
You have to complete following Jester's Festival Quest:
  • Springtime Flair
  • A Noble Guest
  • Royal Revelry
How can I use the Crown of Misrule?
Open your Collections Appearance Hats Active the Crown of Misrule
Can I learn more about Jester's Festival work?
Yes, please take a look at my Jester's Festival Guide
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