ESO Barkroot Blessing Skin

How can I obtain the Barkroot Blessing Skin?
The Barkroot Blessing Skin can be obtained by finding and excavating 10 Antiquity leads.
Do I need DLC's to obtain the Barkroot Blessing Skin?
To be able to get the Barkroot Blessing Skin you need to own Greymoor and have completed the Antiquity tutorial quest and unlocked the Antiquity Skilllines. Additionally you need to have access to the Firesong DLC to excavate lead fragments.
Which Leads do I have to find to get the Barkroot Blessing Skin?
You have to find following leads:
  • Amber Heart
  • Dolmen Clay
  • Grove Carpet Buds
  • Phoenix Moth Pigment
  • Old Growth Mulch
  • Scarab-Host Box
  • Writhing Vine Mass
  • Chimera-Hair Brush
  • Petrified Tree Bark Tablet
  • Living Bark
Where can I find the Amber Heart lead?
The Amber Heart lead can drop from the Preserver of Galen Boss in Galen. The Preserver of Galen Boss is special, since it is roaming around in Galen and does not have a static spot.
The boss can be quite tough and is meant to be defeated with a group of people
Where can I find the Dolmen Clay lead?
You have a chance to find the Dolmen Clay lead in Volcanic cache boxes in Galen. Defeat Volcanic Vents across Galen and with some luck you will find the lead inside the volcanic cache.
Where can I find the Grove Carpet Buds lead?
For Grove Carpet Buds lead we have to travel to the Embervine delve in the eastern part of Galen. Inside Embervine you have to find and defeat the delve boss Druid Rerlas.
Where can I find the Phoenix Moth Pigment lead?
The Phoenix Moth Pigment lead can drop from Phoenix Moth Critters and Bull-Horned Magma Frogs in Galen. Some Phoenix Moth Critters are found in the north eastern part of galen. Bull-Horned Magma Frogs can be found inside Embervine.
Where can I find the Old Growth Mulch lead?
To get the Old Growth Mulch lead you have to complete Daily Repeatable quests in Vastyr in Galen. You have a chance to find the Old Growth Mulch lead inside Galen daily repeatable quests reward coffers.
Where can I find the Scarab-Host Box lead?
Travel to the Forgotten Wastes public Dungeon in northern part of Vvardenfell. Defeat any Forgotten Wastes bosses to have a chance to find the Scarab-Host Box lead.
Where can I find the Writhing Vine Mass lead?
The Writhing Vine Mass lead has a chance to drop from the Balthur delve boss in Fauns' Thicket. Fauns' Thicket is a delve in the western part of Galen.
Where can I find the Chimera-Hair Brush lead?
This Lead can rarely be found by defeating the Chimera World Boss. Visit the Grove of the Chimera in the southern part of Galen to find the Chimera boss.
Where can I find the Petrified Tree Bark Tablet lead?
In order to obtain the Petrified Tree Bark Tablet lead you have to collect and search Galen treasure maps. At the moment you can find in Galen the Galen treasue map 1 and Galen treasure map 2. You can also buy treasure maps from guild traders, but it can cost you a lot of gold.
If you play on PC, I recommend the Addon Lost Treasure - find the locations much quicker.
Where can I find the Living Bark lead?
You have a rare chance to find the Living Bark lead by defeating the final boss of the City of Ash 1 Dungeon on normal or veteran difficulty.
What do I have to do after I found the Barkroot Blessing Leads?
After you found the 10 necessary leads you have to visit Galen (Firesong DLC) and scry & excavate all 10 leads.
Are there any other helpful Addons available?
If you play ESO on PC, I highly recommend you to get the Addon: Display Leads . This Addon helps you to find lead Locations, what leads you have found, and many many more things.
Can I see how the Barkroot Blessing Skin looks like?
Sure you can! I have created a youtube video for this topic:
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